Selfridges Rooftop Extravaganzas

I love London and like most normal people I know, more so in the summer. The creations that the artsy minds of this city are able to come up with are incredible.

One of my favourite summer extravaganzas takes place in my least favourite part of London: Oxford Street. I am writing of the crazy antics that take place on the rooftop of one of the biggest stores on consumer mayhem street: Selfridges. The first time I went up the 6 storeys was two years ago and they had brought in Bompas and Parr, food geniuses, to create a lake on the rooftop. That’s right a lake..,ON the roof. Not only was there that emerald lake you could actually boat in, there was also a waterfall, an island and countless stevia plants. As soon as you stepped out of the lift onto the rooftop they made sure you forgot, in an instant, that you just ascended from one of the most crowded spots in the city.

The Emerald Lake on the Selfridges rooftop. Photo Credit: Getty

And then last year they once again collaborated  with Bompass and Parr to create a Crazy Golf Course par excellence. And crazy it was, for starters- no pun intended here- it was an edible golf course resplendent in all its jelly, fondant and icing goodness.As though that was not enough each of the 9 holes was designed to represent a London landmark. Edible Gherkin, Tower Bridge, London Eye and more. Events to these rooftop symphonies are ticketed and you get a time slot for your money. Sometimes tickets are also put aside for lucky walk-ins.

Edible golf course? Why not?!

As someone who as a general rule despises shopping and Oxford Street, this is the one time in the year when I will happily head in the direction of Selfridges. They really do go all out and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Londoners this year.

Update: For 2016 Selfridges is tapping into the summer fever (delayed as it may be) by going with a forest theme. Forests Restaurant & Bar is all about foraged ingredients and celebrating British produce. In addition to that, each month they’ll be focusing on a particular seasonal fruit or veg. For more details, click here.


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