London Getaway: Big Sky Tipi, East Sussex

It was my birthday weekend not too long ago and as a compromise between comfort addicted friends and my camping addicted self, we decided to go Glamping. Glamorous Camping: even though it sounds like an oxymoron, seemed like a fair deal for both parties. We get to be outdoors, light fires, go on hikes and still get to sleep on beds with carpeted floors, night lights, hot showers et all.

Finding The Perfect Getaway:

I looked at countless options before zeroing in on Big Sky Tipi. The first eliminating factor was, of course, the distance from London. I wanted something that felt like we had gotten away from it all while not having to spend most of our weekend travelling. Part of the process was going through numerous reviews on a rather handy camping/glamping website: What was rather off-putting at first glance was the descriptions of a lot of the campsites: a lot of them just threw a thousand rules in your face. I understand establishing basic rules of the campsite are vital however it would be nice to initially see some warmth and excitement. Then when I’m all dreamy eyed about my getaway, by all means, acquaint me with your rules. I’ll be eating out of your hand by then anyway.

Our Tipi at Big Sky Tipi

Getting There:
Big Sky Tipi was the clear winner. They were prompt at answering our phone calls and booking with them was simple and quick. The owners Sara and Geoff were as warm in person as they sounded on the website and over the phone.

We decided not to hire a car and that was another advantage of picking BST: they are really easy to get to if you’re devoid of wheels. It cost us £10 (return) to get to Polegate Station from London and from there another £15 for a cab to the campsite.

Tipis galore with plenty of space to run around. Photo Credit: Ainhoa Barriola

All About The Tipis and The Farm:
The beauty of the campsite is evident as soon as you set foot through the gates. For obvious reasons, no cars are allowed in the actual camping area. There are however wheelbarrows provided so you can you get your stuff down to the campsite easily. There are eight Tipis on the field and they are well spread out with plenty of space to run around. The Tipis themselves are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. Our Tipi had one double bed and two futons. Each Tipi is equipped with all utensils, a stove, barbeque, cooler and a night light. Free range sausages, bacon, eggs and home baked bread can be bought on the farm at very reasonable prices and are delicious. O the joy of eating organic after months of supermarket bought goods! Firewood is available on request and costs £5.The toilets are spotless and the water in the showers is nice and hot. My dear mum is one of the people who believes that campsite toilets can never be clean. So I took a photo just to prove it to her.

Free range happy piggies at Big Sky Tipi
Around The Farm:
The famous 1066 English country walk runs just along the campsite so avid hikers will love BST even more. Being a hiker I would wake up early to give a couple of different routes a shot and I wasn’t even close to exploring enough by the time we had to leave. Also if you’re there between May and June like we were, the bluebell forests right next to the campsite are stunning.
These bright as the sky Bluebells surround the entire farm. Photo Credit: Ainhoa Barriola
The famous 1066 Country Walk goes right by the campsite. Photo Credit: Ainhoa Barriola
Sleepy Hollows on the 1066 Walk

Big Sky Tipis ticks all the boxes with its beautiful location, proximity to London, offbeat comfortable Tipis and the wonderful owners Sara and Geoff. Oh and if you wanted more, award winning country pubs are a short walk away.

The damage: One Tipi cost us £180 for the entire weekend (4 Adults or 2 Adults and 3 children). An extra one or two people could easily be accommodated in one Tipi if you ask the owners, nicely.

Ideal for: BST is perfect for a group of friends, hiking enthusiasts, glampers and families.

For more details visit their website here:


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