Leila’s Shop: Shoreditch

Leila’s shop and café is one of my favourite spots in Shoreditch, London. It’s got this nostalgic vibe and coming here always makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a vintage scrapbook.

The Cafe does great combinations of the most delicious homemade bread topped with all kinds of organic goodness. However, I normally end up here after a massive food fest at a couple of other brunch spots in the area and end up tucking into their divine brownies and a cup of coffee. Yep, it’s the most heartening ritual anyone can have.

The coffee is blended beautifully and the brownie is so light you almost don’t feel guilty for piling those pounds on. The shop next door -also belonging to the Leila crew- is filled with organic products of all kinds from meats, cheese, oils, coffee beans to all the veggies you need and more. They have little posters informing you about the water footprint of the store and where they’re sourcing all their products from. O yes, the world could definitely do with more shops like Leila’s (and with more brownies).
The crew at Leila’s Shop. Photo Credit: Spitalfields Life
               17 Calvert AvenueAddress: Leila’s Shop
               London E2 7JP

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