Shapiro Tuesdays at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Club, Perth.

This past Tuesday, I went for some comedy to Lazy Susan’s. I say “some” comedy because that’s the nature of Open Mic nights, you get some laughs along with a fair few misses. These nights are for comedians to try out new material or for new comedians to make their debut. “Be supportive” is the motto of the night and that is exactly what I was prepared to be… along with occasionally disappointed.

I’ve been for a lot of Open Mic Nights but this was my first one in Perth and was I surprised. Pleasantly. The quality of the comedians was amazing. As is evident, I didn’t have too many expectations and even if I did the night would have far surpassed them. Not one cringe-worthy comedian and that is saying a LOT given the fact that nights like this are launchpads for new jokes and/or people. As one of the comedians said, it’s like the maternity ward of comedy.

One after the other the jokes kept coming and the funny folk didn’t let the ball drop even once. Of course, there were some bits that didn’t quite hit the mark but like I said, not one moment that made you want to recoil into your own skin.

Come one, come all, Tuesdays at Lazy Susan’s it is.

Add to all of this the fact that it cost only $5 and the night is a total winner. For now, it is officially my top thing to do on a Tuesday night.  Like most people in Perth, I have paid a lot more for a lot worse. For instance, the cost of one drink alone at the Brisbane Hotel was more than two of our tickets combined. Something doesn’t feel quite right there.

All in all, this has by far been the best Open Mic night I have been to in a long time. If your plans on Tuesdays is usually to eat dinner in front of the TV then definitely get a move on to Lazy Susan’s.

For more details on Shapiro Tuesdays and other Comedy Nights:

Address: Upstairs @ The Brisbane Hotel
292 Beaufort St, Perth
WA 6000

What are your favourite Comedy/ Open Mic nights in Perth or around the world and why?

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