What is it about lists?

Why do so many of us love lists? Lists of all sorts: ones that list errands, travel plans, plans for the future, for the weekend..just anything.What is the reason for this attachment to these bits of paper mapping out life? Personally, I love them because mostly it helps clears my mind and sometimes because it makes the plans in my head seem much more real.

Really, WHAT is it about lists?!

Being a part of the internet generation, I also love reading lists on other travel blogs/websites. Top 5 beaches, hikes, bikes, rocks…whatever..they all grab my attention. It highlights exactly what you want to read clearly and effectively. One doesn’t have to skim through thousands of words before finding a line or two that interests them. Yet, strangely I never write in lists. Maybe because I’ve never found them personal enough. I’ve decided to give it a shot anyway and therefore my next few posts are going to list…lists of things all related to travel, food and culture around the world .

What do you reckon?

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