Top Perth Cafe/Bar Discoveries


July was a weird month for a lot of reasons. There was loss, love, luxuries, trips, friends and reunions. I took a little break from writing but I am back now and hopefully that means more posts for me & you. I made some solid Perth discoveries however and wanted to share some of my favourite cafes and bars in this post.

Toastface Grillah:  Grand Ln, Perth WA 6000 ‎

Fantastic puns, toasties and cheese, all rolled into one.

What’s in a name? Everything it seems… when it’s an awesomely thought out, name complete with a pun like this one. At certain points of time you’ll find the office wallahs queuing outside for their Grilled Toasties and more often than not the angst-ridden hipster on their bicycle. That said, everyone who goes to TFG loves it and it’s easy to see why. It’s not pretentious (unlike some of the folk who frequent it), the toasties are affordable and delicious and the coffee is fantastic. I love the run down appearance and everything from the graffiti, the punny ode to cheese on their wall right down to the candles on the tables. The staff are delightful and my favourite part: they have a little slab full of sauces (and hot sauces). You know a place is doin’ it right if they’ve got a tonne of sauces and aren’t stingy about ’em. Also, a little Toastie told me this place is associated with another cool bar I like love over in William St: The Bird. That’s a great spot too and they host some real fun gigs and I’m not surprised the two are connected. Let’s hope Perth continues to fill up with neat spots like this one.


Mechanics Institute: 222 William St, Northbridge, WA 6000

Fantastic puns, toasties and cheese, all rolled into one.

Located in an alleyway just near the State Library, I found this bar completely by chance. I head next door to Tu quite often for a quick cup of tea/coffee and on this particular evening was curious to see how late they were open. Tu was closed but luckily for me, these guys weren’t. The exposed brick facade, scaffolding, and plank tables give it a rather warehouse-like feel.

The vibe is really relaxed and the decor inside is kitschy and fun. They make a neat Margherita and house some top notch Venezuelan rum and quality ciders amongst other things. The guys behind Flipside Burgers ( there is one below the bar) are behind this too and should you get hungry you can order the gourmet Flipside burgers at the Bar.  They’ve been nominated for a fair few awards and were the only W.A bar in the Best New Bar 2013 category. They’re having a week long birthday celebration next month and we’re all invited. There might be midgets on Shetland ponies, I’ve been told. Seriously.

Wolf Lane: Wolf Lane, Perth 6000


Fantastic puns, toasties and cheese, all rolled into one.


Stepping into Wolf Lane is like stepping into someone’s personal fairytale/ weird dream/ hallucination. The furniture looks like it’s out of an Alice and Wonderland themed tea room, the main mural inside is a mishmash of tales; intriguing and oddly creepy and there is a rad elevated 60’s style seating area just behind the bar. The place drips cool without even trying (okay, maybe a little trying); from the candle holders manifested out of tea cups to the artwork layered with meaning on the outside all the way to the graffiti on the bathroom doors. The cocktail list is extensive and the bar staff talented. There is also a stage for performances of all sorts. Wolf Lane is quirky as can be and feels extremely different to the rest of the bars around, in a very good way. For its decor and vibe, it’s definitely my favourite.


The whimsical interiors at Wolf Lane. Photo Credit: Wolf Lane


Also on the radar:

Last week I came across two other cool cats located right next to each other; Tiger Tiger (heard lots about it already) and Secret Garden Cafe. Haven’t got the chance to check them out yet…but they’re high up on my “to eat/explore” list.

A Tiny Bonus Tip:

Alfred’s Kitchen: Cnr Meadow &  James St, Guilford, WA 6055


Keep those burgers coming, Alfred! 


We checked out Perth’s (or Guildford’s if you will) iconic burger joint Alfred’s Kitchen last week. Famous for their burgers and pea & ham soup, this spot came recommended from lots of trusted sources (and I don’t mean the Masterchef guy with the cravat).
I ordered their famous Hawaiian Special and I was not disappointed. One of us was a vegetarian though and he said his Lentil Burger was just average. We’ll just blame the vegetarian at the Burger joint in this case. I loved the food, the fire pit and the prices which are extremely reasonable. They haven’t let fame go to their heads by doubling their prices instead they just sell branded stubbies and lighters. Nice. I was told bikies love Alfred’s Kitchen and I went there fully expecting a scene out of “Stone” but no such luck sadly. Good thing I have no qualms in heading out there again to encounter some deliciously mean burgers and bikies.

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