Travel D.I.Y: Home-ifying your short term home.

 I’m used to living in different places and while that’s amazing, I do get tired sometimes of my homes-for-the-moment not feeling personal enough. Since I’m going to be on the move again quite soon I didn’t want to go buying things, so… I got a little creative and made this:


Not the surfboard obviously (that would be a whole new level of D.I.Y),  the sticks and clips photo hanger. The white shelf was already there and it looked pretty bare so I decided to revamp it with what I could find in and around the house.

* Sticks from the backyard
* Wooden Clothespins
* Photos

I cut the sticks with scissors until they were just the right size and I could wedge them in between the shelf. Then I clipped the clothespins over the photos and wedged the top half of the pins onto the sticks. TA DA!

No glue, no nails…just some brains. The photos I used are prints of Jersey Island in the 1950’s. I’d gone there on a dreamy weekend last year and didn’t take a single photo. A few months later I found these prints randomly in a vintage flea market in Paris for €3. Needless to say, I picked them up at once.

Here’s a slightly closer look: 


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