Off to New Zealand: What I think I’ll find (UPDATED: And what I really found)

*Update*: I am back from the trip now and my observations are next to my statements in…green (but of course).

I’m flying to New Zealand tomorrow and I can hardly wait. It was a pretty impromptu trip and I haven’t had much time to plan, which isn’t always a bad thing. I often have certain notions of a place before I’ve even been there. Sometimes these thoughts are spot on and sometimes they are way off. I thought it would be fun to note down what my preconceived New Zealand notions are and then see how wrong or right I was.

New Zealand is the colour Green. Yes, it is. SO Green that I can’t even remember any other colour.

Kiwis – the birds- are everywhere; in the form of tourist paraphernalia, store names, bar names…etc etc. Ooh yeah. I saw Kiwi Burgers right next to Kiwi Gamers just across from Kiwi Pharmacy. I also bought a Kiwi Magnet…I felt like I had to.

Hobbit or Hobbiton or LOTR references will be all over the place. Enough to make me sick. There were a fair few but definitely not enough to make me sick

I’ll meet at least 5 people who were in one of the above movies. I came to know of 2 and not by direct association. I should have just asked more people outright.

At 5 ft nothing, I’ll feel like a midget. True story. SO damn short. Shorty should have worn heels but shorty didn’t have any.

The Accent! I don’t know what exactly about it. Maybe I’ll fall in trouble for subconsciously trying to copy it. I didn’t fall in trouble but copy it, I did. Relentlessly. How can you not?

There isn’t enough good food. I ate some good food but not enough. Didn’t get to a Hangi either, sadly.

Lots of skipped heartbeats and sighs will be induced by the stunning scenery. It was like driving through one postcard after another. So many houses have such gorgeous views! Jealous.

They’re sensitive about the Pavlova. That’s right, they are. I heard plenty of defensive statements about good ol’ Pav.

I’ll witness an impromptu drunken Haka. Nope.

Coming across at least two “JAFA”* jokes. YEP! About how they dislike the country folk for their slow driving.

*JAFA: Just another fucking Aucklander

Kiwis- the people- are funny as hell. I’ll meet at least 5 people in 10 days who’ll prove this. They can be the same people who starred in the Hobbit/LOTR movies. I don’t know why I had this insane impression of an entire nation of comedians. Flight of the Conchords, maybe? None the less, I did meet a fair few memorable funny folk.

Other Observations:

“Sweet As” is said a lot.
Lots of fights in Auckland city on a Saturday Night.
Sometimes Auckland city feels like Tokyo City.
The Kumara (Sweet Potato) is delicious.
They love their gourmet coffees and for that, I love them. There was a beautiful Coffee Plunger in every single hotel/motel/b&b room I slept in.

That’s all for now. I’ll confirm or deny these once I am back. Till then, E noho rā.

P.S: Did you have any preconceived ideas about a country before you travelled there? Did they turn out to be true? I’d love to know! Share your thoughts with me through Twitter or through the comments section.

Also, if you have any unmissable sights, experiences and activities for Auckland and North Island in general then do share those too!



  1. Haha. I haven't heard a JAFA joke yet but then again, I've only been here for 2 days.

    Coincidentally, we went to Piha beach yesterday. You're right, nothing quite like it! The dark soft sand, the rocky outcrops, the beautiful green of the water & the hills….absolutely loved it.

    P.S: Any foodie tips for Auckland??!


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