Weekend Getaways from Perth: Denmark, Walpole and Albany

Getaways are always fun, even if you live in a place like Perth which is all about the ocean, the river, and the hills. Getting away is not always about exotic adventures, they are about escaping the patterns and routines.

So despite seeing sunsets like this right by your workplace or home, sometimes, you still need want to just leave.

Sunsets by Watermans Bay, Perth
This piece is about one of my favourite weekend trips and like a lot of people living in Perth it involves heading down South. I’ve been up North and places like Kalbarri are absolutely stunning- I’ve never seen anything quite like it before- but still…it’s South of West Australia that makes my travel-loving heart skip a beat (or two).

Denmark and Walpole: I am a bit confused about what actually sits where in this neck of the woods so I’ve just combined the two places. I love hiking and I love trees so for me, the Denmark-Walpole area is near perfection. I was not quite sure about the famous Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk…because at first it sounded like a tourist trap to me but I was so wrong. The engineering feat is amazing and it feels one with the trees it rests on as opposed to against it. The views, the experience and the length of the walk are well worth the $ 12.50 you pay. The woods around the Tree Top Walk are fascinating with naturally hollowed out tingle trees that look like they would make wonderfully cosy hobbit homes.

The Treetop Walk is definitely worth a visit

Also in the area is the GIANT Tingle Tree which is the oldest living eucalypt in the world making it a pretty special and wise old tree. The walk to the tree through the well-signposted forest takes a quick 20 minutes and the tree makes for such a good photo op.

The Giant Tingle Tree can make you feel small, really really small


If you’re looking for a place to stay then there is a campsite near Peaceful Bay located the sort of halfway between Denmark and Walpole. An easy one-minute walk from the site, Peaceful Bay is a great spot for a late night picnic and the campsite has a well-stocked shop in case you forget some essentials.

Peaceful Bay, ideal for a late night picnic or a skinny dip

The town of Denmark itself is rather quaint and they have some well located BBQ pits just by the river if you’re looking for a picturesque lunch stop. If you’re too lazy to cook up then Denmark is also home to some pretty cute little haunts like Mrs. Jones, a cosy cafe serving fresh homemade food.

If a BBQ is too much effort then Mrs. Jones Cafe in Denmark serves up tasty organic meals all day long

Another thing to do while here is to go canoeing in the Denmark River. The river is quiet and the water although not clear, is clean. There are lots of stops to pull over and go for a quick dip. The views of the dense green forests feel almost Amazon like. I loved this bit of the trip although for some reason I just could not turn my canoe to the right and would just end up going in circles. Amusing for those watching although I can’t say the same for me. You can hire canoes from these guys at really reasonable prices.

Moving on a bit, you’ll reach William Bay National Park where you’ll find the famous Green Pool and Elephant Rocks. You can drive to both locations but the walk from Green Pool to Elephant Rocks along the coast, walking over the rocks and even under them is lots of fun.

Insider Tip: If you keep walking further on from Elephant Rocks you’ll reach a high mound of rocks which offers some great views of the surrounding area. Cross that and walk for another two minutes and you’ll find these little shallow pools along the coast surrounded by natural rock benches that you can sunbathe on. The water is crystal clear and you’ll see a few tiny fish around just minding their own business. It’s a really special place to take a dip and one that’s definitely worth the walk. And not that I am suggesting anything but hey, there is not a soul for miles (and we were there on Easter Weekend).

Elephant Rocks, Albany: Ideal for a little cliff jump

Albany: I’ve been to Albany a few times now and this last time it was during the Whale Watching season (between June and August). We went whale watching with Albany Whale Tours run by John and his extremely efficient crew. It felt like being on what I imagine a Nat Geo expedition must feel like. We were treated to some solid breaches and playful banter among the whales and managed to spot a bunch of lazy seals soaking up the sun.What was amazing about John’s team is that they really respect the whales and do their best to not cause them any stress (which could potentially affect their migration patterns) by getting too selfishly close. There are hot snacks and drinks going around as well and the crew does their best to look after you and ensure your comfort. A batch of delicious homemade jams is also on sale onboard which are made by John’s wife. They just sit quietly in a corner on the yacht and happened to catch my eye. I bought a couple and they made my breakfasts at home a lot better.

We were lucky enough to see plenty of this and more. Photo Credit: Albany Whale Tours

Close to Albany town, you’ll find The Bridge, The Gap, and The Blowholes; each of them a stunning natural phenomenon. These granite formations have each taken millions of years to form and are still evolving today.

The Bridge, Albany, is a rather impressive feat of nature.


The Gap, Albany like the place in WA, not the store.
The Blowholes in Albany

If you’re looking for a place to stay and can splurge a little bit, then Albany Bali is the perfect place to head to. Denise and Terry the couple who run this property are lovely people who go out of their way to make your stay memorable. If it’s a special occasion then all the more reason to head to this boutique villa for a getaway. For $200 a night you get your own room, living room, kitchen, verandah and even a little fish pond and private spa. This kind of space and service is a real luxury in WA. Terry and Denise have paid attention to all the little details: colourful sails deck the ceiling, the furniture is made out of rescued tsunami boats, you’ll find plunger Indo coffee in the kitchen and there’s even a lush little garden complete with a little Balinese shack. I can’t recommend this boutique hotel enough!

Albany Bali’s lush garden and spacious villas make it my favourite boutique hotel in WA

There are so many places you can get away to from Perth so we’re all really quite spoiled for choice. I have a lot of love in my heart for the places mentioned in this article in particular and anyone heading to Perth or new to Perth should definitely check ’em out. Remember to let me know how much you loved it 🙂

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