"Hello Home" : A peek at life in Assam, India

Hey there, welcome home.
This is where I grew up.
Home sweet home
I was incredibly lucky to have had so much open space to play, run around and ride my bicycle all day long as a little kid living in India. I still have the same bicycle from when I was 13 years old and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it (mainly because I haven’t grown that much taller).
Growing up, I would imagine all kinds of magic in these forests next to my house. It was the perfect backdrop for the tiny elves and fairies from my books. I am an only child and I’d read all time. Even today, I’m never without a book something I should probably thank the younger me for. As a child, I’d sit under this tree for hours reading and making up my own stories. I think that’s where my love for words first started.

My home is in a Tea Estate in Assam, in the very East of India and it  feels far removed from everything else. To reach the estate from Delhi, for instance, it takes 2 flights, possibly an overnight transit and then a 3-hour drive to reach my casa.

Being Assam, it goes without saying we drink lots of cups of tea. When I first moved to the U.K, I couldn’t bring myself to buy tea because I didn’t think anything would match up to the fresh cups of happiness from back home. I was right.

The Tea Estates and trails around the house
We have a little vegetable garden out at the back but we also have lots of greedy monkeys who often eat the veggies before we can get to them. Seasonal and organic is the way of life here and it’s very easy to keep it that way. Home is my detox where my belly gets plenty of salads, fruits and freshly squeezed juice. The soil here is rich and things grow quickly and easily. There are some veggies that we eat at home which I haven’t seen any where else in the world. We also have our own cows whose living quarters are bigger than my entire house in London.
Casa de cows.
Just behind our house is a lake where people fish, do their laundry or catch up for a quick chat. I walk around these hills all the time and know the area like the back of my hand. Sometimes my parents and I drive up to the highest hill with a flask full of tea (what else?) just in time for the sunset. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I am home. My friends always ask me why I’m not visiting Delhi or Mumbai when I am in India but when this is home, how can I spend precious weeks of time off anywhere else?

My mother who is an artist loves flowers and our front garden looks like an artist’s palette all year round. The countless butterflies we see every single day will vouch for that. It’s no wonder that in the evening, things start to look even more Nat Geo-esque.

As the sun sets over the lakes and the skies turn pink, flocks of birds start making their way home via our home. The monkeys sensing that things are quietening down decide it’s the perfect time to give their young ones climbing lessons on the trees around the house. Even though these greedy little buggers steal our food, I am fond of them and the entertainment they provide. Our two dogs however don’t harbour the same affection. There are some serious ego hassles between the two parties and every now and then we witness a chase scene in our front lawn. If you look hard enough, you’ll also find racoons, mongoose and colorful “karma chamelons” around. My least favourite are the giant geckos that have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Spot the monkey
As travel bloggers we always write posts on travelling around the world so I thought I’d write a post on my home for a change and share with you where I come from. It’s easy to consider those perpetually on the road lucky but for me the best combination is when you can travel the world and still not dread the thought of coming home. When home means family, memories and a sense of belonging. 

For me loving my home and exploring every inch of it is as important as exploring the rest of the world. Even though London may be my chosen home (and if you’ve been around this blog, you’ll know how much I adore that city)  I love coming back to this other home and to my family. No matter how much I move around, my definition of home is always going to involve Assam.

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