Sri Lanka Secrets: Talala

Talala on the western coast of Sri Lanka might just be the country’s best-kept coastal secret. As we sat watching the sunset one evening, we weaved dreams. We’d buy a bit of land, rent out surfboards and ours would be a space for creative thought, words, and art. That’s the sort of place Talala is, it inspires big and beautiful dreams that are not afraid of reality. 



The water on this crescent shaped beach is crystal clear and ideal for a swim and if you’re lucky a surf. As of now, there is absolutely no construction on the beach itself although I don’t know for how long it will stay that way. There is a retreat slightly inland catering to surfers and yogis. On the hill on the eastern end overlooking the beach, there is a house that’s available for rent and on the hilltop on the western end sits the aptly named Panorama ,a well-designed hotel that overlooks the bay. I think this beach in Talala may even be named Secret Bay and rightly so. Save for a few fishing boats, it’s entirely possible that you might be the only person on the entire beach.


Talala is not easy to find and if you’re using buses to get around it might be hard work. The best way to find it is by hiring a bike or a car and then asking the locals where the beach is. We asked a couple of friendly faces who were amused by us driving around the same spot three times for directions and managed to find our way…eventually. 
We loved Talala and kept going back to it throughout our trip. On one particular occasion, it provided much-needed respite after a ghastly previous evening in a town called Tissa. Talala is even more beautiful in my eyes because we sort of just stumbled upon it looking for a secret surf spot and what we got in return was a lot more than good surf. The memories, the dreams and the plans we made sitting there as the sun set slowly made it special. The crowds are pouring into Sri Lanka and it looks like Talala won’t be a secret that much longer. I just hope somehow it manages to remain the way I left it. Who knows, maybe one day in the not so distant future, that little bit of land we set our hearts upon will actually be our home.


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