#TravelIST : The Original IST Travel Chat

“Original IST Travel Chat” sounds pretty cool when you say it like that. Well, I suppose it is.

How did #TravelIST come about?

Basically @bijoyv and I got tired of constantly missing out on Travel Chats from around the world. It turned out to be a sentiment that was echoed by the Eastern Hemisphere travel community in general. So we picked a more convenient hour that would suit most of the world (especially us) and #TravelIST was born. As easy as that.

This is how we felt when we constantly missed travel chats on Twitter

#TravelIST Details:

Time: 8:30 P.M IST (3 P.M GMT, 10 A.M EST, 11:00 P.M WST – it works for other time zones too!)
Day: Every Thursday
The Topic: Clue is in the hashtag. While the topic will always revolve around Travel, it’ll be something new every week.
Our launch topic was : Travel Dislikes

For the first chat our questions are a surprise but in the future, we’ll probably start announcing them in advance so people can schedule their answers and that sort of thing.

 This is us on Twchat (more on that below). Just remember to use #TravelIST

New to Twitter Chats?

A Twitter chat is basically a great way for any community- in our case, it’s travel- to come together, connect and converse. Sometimes issues are raised, sometimes advice and opinions are given and it’s always a whole lot of fun. We don’t love Trolls. At all. So keep that for elsewhere.

Pray, what are these Twitter Chats?

To join in #TravelIST , you don’t have to be a travel expert, blogger/writer or a world famous navigator (if you are that’s perfectly fine too); you just have to love Travel. Simply use the hashtag: #TravelIST with all your travel tweets and they’ll be seen by us and the rest of the #TravelIST community.

During the Chat Hour we’ll ask questions in this format *Just an example*: Q1: What’s your favourite capital city? And why?  #TravelIST and to answer all you need to do is answer with the corresponding question number, like so: A1: Favourite Capital City would be Berlin because of the culture, food, and bargains! #TravelIST.

Don’t forget #TravelIST otherwise, your Tweet will be lost forever in the Twitterverse and you’ll wonder why no one is responding.

So…pretty easy huh? Join Us!


Managing a Chat:

There is so much going on during a Twitter chat that it can feel quite overwhelming. I always have two windows open. One with all my interactions and to Tweet my answers and the second where I’ve typed #whatevertwitterchat in the search bar and get all the Tweets coming in live so I can see what others are saying/what the questions are etc. The best way to figure out your groove is to be a part of chats as often as you can.

Twitter Tools:

I love TweetDeck and I’ve just been introduced to TwChat which is pretty neat too. Both of them are great tools to keep up to speed and organised during twitter chats. Just remember to use your hashtags.

Want to get in touch with us directly? You can find us Tweeting away at: @bijoyv and @living_escaping .

That’s all the #TravelIST 101 you need. Now that we’ve finally got a chat that doesn’t give us raccoon eyes, we’re feeling sort of like this:

Yay #TravelIST!


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