Visiting Giethoorn: everything about the Venice of the Netherlands

One of the Netherlands’ most popular outings: Visit Giethoorn, a cozy water-rich town in the province of Overijssel. This small village is characterized by streams, bridges, and boats. Due to an overdose of tourists, even Dutch people know how to find this beautiful piece, Foreign tourists love to come here. These days Giethoorn is less crowded because there is less travel due to Corona. Giethoorn is a lot quieter than usual. Curious about the best way to visit Giethoorn? You can read it below!

couple in whisper boat in Giethoorn Town in the Netherlands

This is the best way to visit Giethoorn

tourists in whisper boat in Giethoorn Town in the Netherlands

The ultimate way to visit Giethoorn: with a whisper boat

This village is certainly unique. Giethoorn has no motorways around the waters: you can walk alone or move yourself via the water. And a visit to Giethoorn without having rented a boat … Well, have you really been to Giethoorn?

Sailing in Giethoorn

The best thing is really to explore with a whisper boat. And so we did! On the website of boat rental Giethoorn you get the offer of several landlords among themselves, I really like that! Then you immediately see what choices you have and which prices go with them. For example, some boats have cushions, other backrests, and it is of course just how many men you are on the road! That saves you searching because there are really quite a few landlords lurking.

This way you will find a nice route for your boat trip in Giethoorn

We rented a whisper boat for 3 hours and afterwards that was actually perfect. Our landlord gave us a nice route, which not only goes through the village, but also through the marshes and eventually ends at the Bovenwijde lake. And as soon as we left the village, we actually sailed alone: ​​what a wonderful peace! The assumption that you only sail in traffic jams in Giethoorn is therefore not true as far as I am concerned. It is a bit busier at the bridges, in the ‘village canal’. So you shouldn’t be in a hurry and be sure to count some extra time to sail back to your landlord from the lake. It seems a little bit, but the pace is a lot slower there. After all, not all of us have our boating license in our pocket! If you really want to avoid the crowds, go early in the morning or at the end of the day.

What else to do in Giethoorn?

With the boat you are therefore about 3 hours, but you certainly do not have to go home after that. We had a nice walk through the village and had a bite to eat. The houses are really cute to stroll along and there are also many shops and eateries hidden. So just take the time to enjoy yourself here when you visit Giethoorn!

Do you want to visit Giethoorn soon? A few practical tips:

We have not been stuck in a traffic jam towards Giethoorn and parking is cheap or even free! Enter Binnenpad 14 in your navigation and you will be guided to the spacious parking lot P1 where you pay € 4 per day. In cash, so make sure you have cash! Earlier along the Binnenpad you will also pass a free parking lot, P2. If there is room there, you can just stand there. Keep in mind that it is all narrow and that there are many walkers on the road on sunny days. So no rush! Furthermore, you do not have to pay an entrance fee for Giethoorn, unless of course you want to enter a museum or rent a boat.

Take some with you for the road

Since you are on the road for 3 hours on your boat, it is nice to have some goodies with you for the road. During your boat trip you actually only have one option to stop at a restaurant, so it is also smart to go to the bathroom in advance and not to drink too much on the way. We also brought a music box for some summer fun, but of course you can also just enjoy the peace and quiet around you.

Want to stay a night in Giethoorn?

There are also cozy hotels and B & Bs in Giethoorn, if you want to stay overnight you can book at:

Hotel Giethoorn on the Petersteeg 2
The Black Sheep Hostel (nice if you go with friends and budget proof)
Floating holiday home: Bed on a Boat
Beukers house
Or look for a beautiful nature house in Giethoorn

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